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Is this a Zombie? - OVA

Two OVAs released with the 8th and 10th volumes of the original novel. They fall chronologically between the first and second seasons.

Season 1, Episode 13:
Haruna is given the task to hold a Spring Festival at the local shrine, in her own magical-Equipment-girl way, of course... Seraphim does not want to be a freeloader at Haruna's and Ayumu's place, so she starts cooking... And a concentration-game contest in the school's main assembly hall pushes Ayumu and Orito to their limits...

Season 2, Episode 0 part 1:
Haruna wants to play more with Hellscythe at a swimming pool.
Season 2, Episode 0 part 2:
Hellscythe's birthday is near! Haruna prepares a birthday party for Hellscythe in her own magical-Equipment-girl-way. What kind of party could Haruna be holding? What kind of birthday presents will Ayumu and gang give to Hellscythe?

English: Is this a Zombie? - OVA

Synonyms: これはゾンビですか? OVA;Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OVA;Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Episode 13;Koreha Zombie Desuka? OVA;Kore ha Zombie Desu ka? OVA;Koreha Zombie Desuka? OVAKore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Episode 0

Type: TV

Status: Finished Airing


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Videos (2)
Is this a Zombie? - OVA 2 ( of Season 2)
Is this a Zombie? - OVA 1 (13 of Season 1)